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How To Treat Erectile Dysfunction – Without Pills!

Men like to judge themselves pretty harshly when it comes to their bedroom activity. The anxiety of not being able to rise to the occasion can be distressing for men. If you suffer from erectile dysfunction also known as ED or impotence, there is positive news.

Chafed Penis Problems: Sources and Solutions

The many frictions of daily life create a ripe situation for a chafed penis. Learning the common sources of friction and ways to mitigate their damage can help men maintain a healthy penis.

Penis Bumps and the Lymphatic Connection

Many men experience a wide range of penis bumps, some of which are fortunately harmless. Bumps related to the lymphatic system are rare, but can cause some discomfort, and men should know about them.

The Most Natural And Best Way To Increase Your Penis Size

You may agree with me or you may not but the fact is that penis size does matter. Penis sizes start from about 2 inches but the average penis size is about 5 inches. You may ask your partner and 8 out of 10 times you will get the answer that they would prefer a longer and thicker penis. A longer and thicker penis has the potential to turn your partner on and make her coming back to you for sex again and again. Some of you may say that your partner does not complain about your small penis but – Are you sure that she is not complaining just to keep you happy and content? Whatever is the case but it does make sense to increase your penis size through natural ways- is it not? Tell me will you not feel more confident with a longer and thicker penis?

The Healthy Penis and Underwear: Do Boxers or Briefs Matter?

Boxers or briefs? The great underwear debate has been going on for decades, yet it’s usually framed as a comfort and sex appeal issue. That’s fine, but it ignores the “healthy penis” issue, which should also be taken into consideration when deciding what wrapping to add to one’s package With matters of appropriate penis care in mind, the following offers some things to contemplate when picking out the day’s underwear.

Penile Health and Masturbation: Methods to Avoid

Masturbation generally has a positive effect on both sexual and penile health. However, there are detrimental methods that should be avoided.

Itchy Penis Prevention When Going Naked in Nature

Summertime brings ample opportunity for exploring Nature while naked – and possible ending up with an itchy penis as a result. These tips can help prevent that from happening.

Sore Penis Prevention: Proper Use of the Penis Pump

Many men use a penis pump to increase manhood size, but this may also result in a sore penis. These tips can help decrease the risk of penile soreness when pumping.

Penis Shaving Tips: Avoid Skin Irritation

As the temperature increases, so does a man’s risk of jock itch. Some men turn to penis shaving as a means for cutting down on heat and moisture in the groin region.

2 Popular Ways to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Natural remedies to improve blood flow in the penile area and help men get back those naturally firm, long-lasting erections. Understanding the most common causes of ED can help a man identify why he may be experiencing the issue.

Different Reason Why People Develop Incontinence

Do you enjoy a game of golf with your mates, but are avoiding the same because of leaking bladder? Incontinence is a medical symptom and not a disease. As men get older, they lose their control of the bladder and thus run a high risk of incontinence. Apart from the age factor, men may experience this symptom because of a number of underlying problems.

Is Jelqing Safe? 7 Natural Enlargement Dangers They WON’t Tell You on TV

How safe is jelqing? Does it hurt? Can it lead to penile danger or damage?

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