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Sore Penis Culprit: Fighting Delayed Ejaculation

Men who experience significantly delayed ejaculation may continue thrusting for a long time, resulting in a very sore penis. It’s important to take steps to treat this issue for both health and pleasure.

What Causes Male Infertility?

Male infertility is usually not discussed amongst peers, but there is nothing to be ashamed of. Once you’ve been able to talk about your symptoms and your condition, you can determine what solutions are available to you. Before you can consider a treatment you need to be aware what could lead to infertility in men.

Penis Health: Exercises to Do With a Partner

Man’s favorite organ deserves to be kept in good shape, and organ exercises are essential to maintain penis health. Doing them with a partner increases the fun and pleasure for both parties.

Does Finger Length Predict Penis Size?

It’s no secret that penis size is often a concern for many men. A study suggests that a certain finger length measurement may clue people in on the size of a man’s endowment.

13 Hidden Foods For Good Libido

You rarely heard NO from a man when asked to have sex. Even doctors see men as sexual automatons who always want to have sex.

Simple Ways to Get Powerful Erections – No More ED or Embarrassment

ED or erectile dysfunction can put you in a tight spot when in bed with your woman. ED is a common problem among men and it’s possible to overcome it with simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to help you get rock solid erections naturally and safely.

Sex Enhancement Medication and High Blood Pressure

Men suffering from high blood pressure have a higher chance of experiencing issues related to erections. Hypertension damages the arteries and makes the physical part of maintaining an erection difficult. If left untreated, impotence induced by hypertension may become a permanent. However, in an effort to treat your bedroom woes you may end up using the wrong meds and put your health at risk.

Substance Abuse and Premature Ejaculation

Trying to treat premature ejaculation with alcohol and narcotics is always a terrible choice. While much has been written about how to treat premature ejaculation, very little attention has been given to the unintended consequences of treating premature ejaculation with alcohol and illegal drugs.

A Closer Look at Erectile Dysfunction and What You Need to Know

It is not uncommon for men to experience an episode of erectile dysfunction. Learn the causes, symptoms, and treatments available to familiarize yourself with this issue.

Top 3 Amazing Erectile Dysfunction Herbs That Work!

There are many causes of erectile dysfunction and if yours specifically relates to poor blood flow since a robust blood flow to the pelvic region is essential for strong long lasting erections, there are some herbs that can help to improve blood flow throughout your body including your groin. The following are the top 3 amazing erectile dysfunction herbs that actually work. Since they are not prescription or OTC medications, they are not only inexpensive but also come few to zero side effects.

3 Midlife Changes That Can Affect Your Sex Life

Is sex important? You bet! Sex is an important aspect of every relationship – sometimes even more important than we would dare to admit… Emotions will feed your soul, food will keep the body functioning, but there’s one thing that can feed them both at once – sex.

Easy Ways to Get Rock Hard Erections Naturally

Erectile dysfunction is a terrible experience for any man. Yet it is highly common both among older as well as younger men. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get harder, stronger and longer lasting erections naturally.

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