What are PDE5 Inhibitors by Katelaris Urology Ep 11

A Healthy Penis Away From Home – Travel Tips for Male Skin Care

Traveling and staying in hotels can be a welcome relief from day-to-day stress, but it can also impact attempts to maintain a healthy penis. The wise traveler takes steps to avoid this.

Pills, Creams, or Kegels – Which Is Best for Stopping Premature Ejaculation?

Stopping premature ejaculation can be tricky. There are many so called “cures”, the most common being pills, creams and kegels for men. Learn whether or not these methods work, and which one is the best for stopping premature ejaculation.

Ways to Boost Testosterone Naturally Without HRT

Testosterone is the hormone that controls libido and sexual function in men. In addition to this, testosterone controls a lot of other vital functions in the body. It can be increased with the help of simple changes in diet and lifestyle. Natural testosterone supplements can help boost testosterone without negative side effects.

How to Get Strong, Hard Erections in Seconds

If you want to get instant, hard erections, it is important to take care of your diet and lifestyle. In addition to this, a natural erection gel can also helps a great deal in ensuring rock solid erections.

Does Penis Jelqing Really Work for Larger Size?

Does penis jelqing really work? Can you get a bigger penis? Learn the truth about jelqing for larger penis size.

Penis Pain and Healing – One Man’s Story of Masturbation Gone Wrong

Even experienced men can walk away from masturbation with serious penis pain. One man’s story of breaking the cycle of injury and healing is revealed here.

3 Ways to Get a Rock Hard Penis Without Drugs

A lot of men get weak or soft erections which makes them incapable of performing well in bed. However, it is possible to get harder and stiffer erections with some simple and proven changes in diet and lifestyle. A lot of natural penis pills can also help you get harder and stiffer erections without negative side effects.

Why Your Premature Ejaculation Problem Is All In Your Head

Yes, it’s true. Your premature ejaculation problem is primarily in your head. Learn why this is true and how you can overcome premature ejaculation.

Guide to Penis Bumps: What to Do When Fordyce Spots Appear

The few inches of skin that wrap around the penis are probably the most inspected bits of tissue located on a man’s body. It’s easy to imagine how surprised, scared and even panicked a guy might feel when his tool turns up covered with bumps, even if those spots and speckles aren’t associated with pain or itching. The very sight of bumps, spots, and other blemishes are often viewed as signs of a partner-transmitted infection or some other serious problem, and men might be desperate to find a penis care solution that can help.

Penile Abscess Warning – Issues That Can Lead to Damaged Penis Tissue

It is relatively uncommon for a man to develop a penile abscess, but when it does occur, it is important to get the right treatment; and because prevention is always the best cure, appropriate penis care should always be a priority. Men should be on the lookout for the following issues, behaviors and risk factors to avoid damage to the penile tissue and preserve penis health. What is a penile abscess?

Why Jelqing Videos on YouTube Should Be Avoided If You Want to Learn How to Jelq Properly

It may be tempting to learn how to jelq through a jelqing video. Here is why you should avoid watching videos on YouTube about the jelq technique. There are some exceptions, and we will discuss those as well.

Too Much Masturbation – Is It Really Bad for the Penis?

Men often worry that too much masturbation is bad for the penis – but are they concerned for no reason? Get the facts about self-pleasuring and penile function here.

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