Understanding Erectile Dysfunction: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Options

Unwanted Erections: 3 Biological Reasons for What’s Causing Them and How to Handle Them (With Care)

Sometimes an erection is not something you want around, like in church for instance. Let’s talk about what causes unwanted erections and how to nicely put them down.

Three Penis Exercises to Pump Up Penile Health and Your Sex Life

Want to pump that penis up? Add a little power to your penile health with some daily exercises for your favorite muscle.

Chronic Balanitis: Can Circumcision Help?

Balanitis is an all-too-common issue men have to face. For those that experience this discomfort chronically, circumcision may be the solution.

What’s the Deal With Penis Shrinkage? Here’s Everything a Man Needs to Know About Penile Atrophy

Penis shrinkage is not just a temporary condition cause by cold weather or water. It can also be a more serious condition known as penile atrophy. Here’s everything a man should know about it to protect himself or fix the issue at hand.

Five Male Organ Power Foods That Help Prevent Member Dysfunction

Is it possible to eat a certain way to keep member dysfunction at bay? You bet! Here are five male organ power foods to incorporate into your daily rotation.

Experiencing Painful Urination? Here Are 5 Potential Causes & How to Fix Them

Got a four-alarm fire in your urethra? Let’s talk about five things that can lead to painful urination and how to fix and prevent it.

8 Ways Men Can Get and Keep a Strong Erection

Erections not what they used to be? Fear not but read on to learn how to turn a weak erection into a bountiful boner with a few easy tips.

What’s Causing Your Penis Irritation? Seven Non-STI Reasons for Irritated Penis Skin

Hell hath no fury like penis irritation. Here are seven non-STI reasons why you may have irritated penis skin and how to calm the savage beast.

Penis Problems: Six Signs Erectile Dysfunction Might Be in Your Future

Erectile function is a real concern for men. Here are six red flags to be on guard for to ensure your erections keep coming well into your twilight years.

Small Penis 101: How to Please a Partner

A man who has a small penis might worry a great deal about whether his penis size will please a partner. These tips can help ensure that he will definitely please.

In Defense of a Small Penis

Men who happen to have what might be considered a small penis are often subject to disparagement that is unwarranted. There are many things to be said in defense of a small penis.

Psoriasis and Penis Care: What Men Must Know

When a man suffers from psoriasis, the condition might affect his penis. Some natural remedies combined with proper penis care might spell relief.

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