Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction without Surgery or Medications (Intro only, see description)

Do Shockwaves Perk Up Erectile Dysfunction Issues?

“Uh-oh. THAT’S not good.” When erectile dysfunction strikes, a man is apt to panic, and if it becomes a chronic issue, his sex life is going to be severely hampered.

Penis Skin: Is Penis Discoloration a Problem?

When a man examines his penis skin, he might wonder if it looks right. Is there some penis discoloration there? Let’s take a look at whether this is cause for concern.

Penis Sensation: What to Do to Protect It

When it comes to penis sensitivity, a man wants to do everything he can to preserve it. But what if he’s doing something to actually hurt his penis sensation?

Penile Cancer: Everything a Man Needs to Know

Although penile cancer is very rare, it’s certainly something men worry about. Part of good penis care is knowing the symptoms and when to go to the doctor.

Interesting Facts About Penis Health

When a man is curious about his sexual health, he might go looking for something he didn’t know before. These five points on penis health have got that covered!

Penis Pump It Up: Seeking Bigger Penis Size

Starting from an early age, men tend to notice how their penis size stacks up compared to that of their friends. Some may want to use a penis pump to increase their size.

Top 5 Non-STI Causes of Painful Urination in Men, and How to Fix Them

Feel like you’re peeing fire? No, you aren’t the father of dragons; you may be experiencing one of the common causes of painful urination in men. Read on to learn more.

Connection Between a Bent Penis and Beta Blockers

Men take enormous pride in the appearance of their penis, so having an extremely bent penis is not ideal. In some instances, medication known as beta blockers may contribute to the bending.

Penis Pain While Sleeping: SRPE

For most men, there is no penis pain associated with the nocturnal erections they experience on a nightly basis. But such is not the case for the rare man with SRPE.

Grooming Tips for a Handsome Penis

Every man wants to have a member that partners will look at and exclaim over what a handsome penis it is. Practicing basic grooming can help make this possible.

Does a Vegan Diet Strengthen an Erect Penis?

Every man wants to sport a strong erect penis when with a sexual partner. Are recent reports that a vegan diet can help in this areas to be believed?

Can Bananas Cause a Penis Rash?

A penis rash can mar an otherwise impressive piece of male sexual equipment, so it should be studiously avoided. Using bananas as other than a dietary product may cause such a rash.

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