Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction: Mayo Clinic Radio

Can Penis Health Require an MRI?

No matter the degree of his sexual activity, a man wants to maintain his penis health at a high level. Are there some occasions for which an MRI of the penis may be beneficial?

Want a Healthy Penis? Start With a Healthy Heart

Most men who want a healthy penis know to pay close attention to good penis care, but what about good heart care? Since the heart can’t be seen, it’s easy to forget that this powerhouse in the chest affects so much of the body. It especially has an effect on the penis, since of course, erections require excellent blood flow in order to grow to the proud size a man wants to see.

Penis Fracture and Recovery: What Every Man Should Know

When it comes to penis pain, penis fracture is the king of all hurt. But the good news is that a man can make a full recovery from penis fracture as long as he follows certain steps.

Autumn Days and a Happy Penis

A guy wants to have a happy penis no matter the time of the year. With autumn now in full swing, guys should take advantage of the crisp air to keep their members happy.

The Roommate and the Itchy Penis: Does It Affect Everyone?

No bro likes to walk around with an itchy penis. When a roommate keeps scratching at the equipment, does it have implications for everyone else’s penis health?

What Can a Man Do About Penis Pimples?

As penis problems go, penis pimples might seem like an easy one to solve. But many men struggle with this unsightly problem.

Hyperprolactinemia May Impede Penis Function

Clearly, most men want to make sure penis function is not an issue when they climb into bed with a partner. Sometimes hyperproclatinemia can create a delayed ejaculation response.

Penis Health Primer: What Are Penis Ulcers?

Penis ulcers can be signs of things a man doesn’t want to think about. Though penis ulcers are rare, there are many reasons to get them checked out if they appear.

Proper Penis Protection Requires Condom Use

There are many things a man must do to provide adequate penis protection. Where sex is involved, the use of a condom can be a big help in preventing STIs.

Penis Enlargement ANSWERS: 3 FAQ About Increasing Size, Stamina and Staying Power From Home

Do penis enlargement pills work? How long will it take to notice results? What about jelqing, stretching exercises or other natural male enhancement techniques?

Ease the Sweat to Alleviate Penile Itching

Penile itching can drive a man insane. One way to stay sane is by alleviating the sweat that accumulates around the penis, thus easing the itch.

Sore Penis Prevention With a Penis Pump

A penis pump is often used for addressing erectile dysfunction. Proper use can help prevent a sore penis from resulting.

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