Tanner Buchanan’s ‘Cobra Kai’ Karate Workout | Train Like a Celebrity | Men’s Health

Penis Play for Two: Sex Games for Couples

Penis play by oneself is fun, but with a partner it’s even better. Thinking up sex games that can incorporate one’s favorite body part can bring a couple closer together.

Healthy Penis Maintenance: Enlivening Masturbation Routines

Healthy penis maintenance should be a goal of all men. It takes some work, but some of that work can be play. Regular masturbation can be part of penile health care.

Masturbation and Muscle Gain: Is There a Connection?

Whether a serious bodybuilder or an occasional gym member, guys often debate whether there is a link between masturbation and the growth of muscle. Does anyone really know?

Healthy Penis Maintenance: Where Cell Phone Use Comes In

Can carrying cell phones have an effect on a guy’s tool? A healthy penis is a primary goal for all men, so taking precautions when communicating on a mobile is a good idea.

Better Sex by Changing Places – New Locations for Getting It On

Trying new locations for making love can lead to better sex for many couples. Whether those locations are on site in one’s home or in a totally new area is up to the couple.

Healthy Penis Maintenance: Habits to Avoid

Men are prone to many habits, some of which get in the way of their having a healthy penis. However, it’s not always obvious when a habit can impact penis health.

Sex Tip: A Clean Penis to Get Down and Dirty

Getting down and dirty is a lot of fun for any man, but to do so he definitely needs to carry around a clean penis. A sex tip that is basic but most definitely important is simply this: an unclean member is not going to get the rate of action to keep a man happy. And why should it?

What Men Can Do To Boost Their Low Testosterone Levels

Men who are suffering from various symptoms of low testosterone can do certain activities that can help them boost their low T-levels. You can read some of the most effective and helpful activities below.

Hard Penis Science: Why Guys Get Morning Wood

Waking up with a hard penis is a familiar occurrence for millions of men. Yet what is morning wood and why does it occur the way that it does?

Penis Size: Video Shows Women Like All Types of Penises

It’s no news that penis size is a major concern for many (if not most) men. A recent video, however, shows women delight in all types of penises, both large and small.

Make Your Penis Grow Inches Fast With These Jelqing Tips!

How would you like to increase the length and girth of your penis? More and more men are discovering penis exercises and using them to make their penis bigger and stronger. If you feel that a bigger penis would help increase your confidence, sexual abilities and overall performance then go ahead.

Learn the Truth About Getting a Bigger and Harder Penis With Penile Exercises

I am sure you have heard of penis enlargement and penis exercises and maybe you are curious about if it really works and what results could you possibly expect. It is difficult to find honest and straightforward answers about penis enlargement because there is a lot of dogmas and skepticism. Spam ads and websites also don’t add much credibility, which is why I decided to expose the truth about getting a bigger penis with penile exercises.

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