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Penis Health Tips for Better Sperm

Often when focusing on penis health, guys are more concerned with what can keep the penis in good working order or make it look even more awesome than it already is (if such is possible). But penis health can also refer to other penis-related matters – such as a guy’s sperm. The condition of one’s sperm becomes even more important when a man gets down to the brass tacks of starting a family.

Blotchy Red Penis? Could Be Henoch-Schonlein Purpura

For many men, especially those with lighter skin, a red penis is not an unusual sight. After all, when blood rushes to the penis to make it erect, it tends to take on a reddish hue. But sometimes a red penis can be a sign of a possible penis health issue, especially when that redness presents as blotches or rashes.

Unattractive Penis Skin May Be Lichen Sclerosis

As the front layer of defense, the penis skin has an important role in penis health and attractiveness. Lichen sclerosis is a condition which can damage this delicate tissue.

A Bent Penis Affects the Tunica Albuginea

The penis is a wonderful organ, as any male knows, but most men aren’t intimately familiar with the various anatomical parts of that organ and their functions. But a more precise understanding of the penis parts can help to better understand one’s penis health. For example, many men who have a significantly bent penis – a condition known as Peyronie’s disease – may not know that part of their problem centers on a penis part known as the tunica albuginea.

Ten Potential Causes of Redness on the Penis and How to Treat It

When a man finds redness on the penis, it can lead to many questions and sometimes, paranoia. Luckily, most causes of a red penis are no big deal. Here are ten of the most common causes of redness on the penis and how to treat them.

Smegma Infection Symptoms and How to Clear It Up

Smegma is a dirty little infection that can lead a man to pain, embarrassment, and unnecessary suffering. Here are some smegma infection symptoms and how to get the funk out of the area!

Loss of Sensitivity and Other Penis Problems From Cycling: How to Avoid Long-Term Damage

Cycling enthusiasm is at an all-time high, and growing numbers of men are enjoying the sport. However, as is well-known, spending extended periods of time in a bicycle seat can lead to significant penis problems. Here’s what one study has to say about this issue.

Masturbation on the Go: Some Travel Tips

A man can enjoy masturbation any place. Travel masturbation can be especially rewarding for a guy, as a change of scene is usually positive for everyone.

Penis Odor and Diet: 5 Types of Foods That Can Up the Stink Factor

No man wants to be caught with a rotten case of penis odor when his pants are off. Hygiene is important, but so is monitoring the foods a guy eats before a hook-up.

Penis Function and the Impact of Diabetes

Many things can have an impact on penis function, one of which is diabetes. This serious medical condition requires careful monitoring and treatment, and can affect penis health.

Penis Problems: ADHD Medications and Spontaneous Ejaculation

Guys generally want to avoid penis problems of all kinds – including the rare condition known as spontaneous ejaculation. Medications used to treat ADHD are one possible cause of this problem.

Penis Health at College: 6 Essential Tips

Maintaining penis health is an important goal for men of all ages – including those who are attending college. Matriculation should not be an excuse for ignoring penis care.

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