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Wrinkled Penis: Smoothing Out the Tool

Presenting a wrinkled penis in an intimate situation can make a man feel insecure about himself at the worst possible time. Maintaining a healthy penis boosts one’s self-esteem.

Raw Penis From Sexual Stimulation – What to Do

Is an abundance of sexual stimulation worth the raw penis that may result? For most men, the answer is yes. Knowing how to treat raw organ skin can help.

Best Ways to Get Really Hard Erections Naturally

ED is a troubling experience for most men. However, it’s a condition that can be corrected even without using prescription drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get harder and stronger erections naturally and safely.

Penis Health Hazard – Too Much Exercise Leads to Overtraining Syndrome

A man’s quest for a muscular build could, if he takes it to the extreme, negatively affect his penis health, along with his overall well-being. Learn about overtraining syndrome here.

Penis Rash? 5 Household Items to Throw Out

Removing a few common household items could help a penis rash subside. Here’s where to start.

Penis Warts: One Man’s Story of Infection and Recovery

No man likes to discover penis warts. Read up on one man’s fight against bumps on his member.

Penile Bruising – A Guide to Injuries and Conditions

Causes of penile bruising can range from minor to more serious. Here is what men should know about trauma to the penile tissue.

9 Super Foods That Increases Sperm Count and Sperm Motility

Specific foods can be considerably beneficial in helping men improve their sperm count. For a man to produce healthy sperms, there are important vitamins, minerals and nutrients that the male body must absorb.

Using Masturbation to Relieve Stress: A Guide

Many men have excess levels of stress and tension in their lives, which can be problematic. One of the more enjoyable ways to relieve stress is through masturbation.

Penis Rash: 5 Foolproof Solutions to Kill the Itch

A penis itch can be extremely disruptive. This five-step plan can help a man live with, and maybe even cure, a penis rash.

Penis Health Creme – Benefits That All Men Can Appreciate

A penis health creme can improve the look and feel of the penis and may even boost sensation in some men. Here’s why.

Jock Itch Prevention – 5 Steps

For some men, jock itch is a recurring (and highly annoying) phenomenon. Learn how to treat and prevent it here.

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