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Unusual Red Penis Cause: Semen Allergy

When a man has a sore, red penis he wants to find out what he can do about it. For some men, that redness could be due to a rare semen allergy.

Beyond Penis Health: Understanding Sex Headaches

A man might be surprised by sudden, intense pain after orgasms or sexual activity. What are sex headaches and what do they mean for overall health, as well as penis health?

Penis Health Tip: Don’t Flash Freeze the Penis

In pursuit of penis health (and penis beauty), many men will try a wide range of things. Some have been told to flash freeze their penis, but is this a good idea?

Skin Peeling on the Penis and How to Fix It

When a man discovers skin peeling on the penis, he might be alarmed. The good news is that in most cases, the problem can be quickly remedied.

How to Get Rid Of ED – Best Way to Improve Your Sex Life

Whether you call it erectile dysfunction or impotence, a soft erection is no laughing matter. Maybe your frustrated in sexual relationships. It can be common for men to avoid sex because they fear erectile dysfunction.

Masturbation May Ease Restless Legs Syndrome

Men with restless legs syndrome have difficulty getting enough sleep and may feel fatigued and depressed as a result. Some studies indicate that a little masturbation before bed may help with this condition.

Simple Reasons for Penis Skin Discoloration

When a man inspects his penis skin, any sign of penis discoloration might be enough to spark panic. However, there are often simple reasons for penis skin discoloration.

Tending to a Sore Penis Related to Penis Stretching

Men concerned about increasing their penis size may investigate various forms of penis stretching. Unfortunately, a sore penis often results from these methods and may need to be treated.

Manscaping Rules for Good Penis Care

Manscaping is the art of keeping things neat and tidy around the penis. And when done properly, manscaping can be an excellent part of good penis care.

A Penis Rash May Develop Due to Fixed Drug Eruption

There is a long list of causes of a penis rash, but a fixed drug eruption can be challenging. Knowing if a medication is responsible is key to treating the rash.

How Do I Get Stronger Erections Naturally?

Ideally, sex should be fun and it can help strengthen your relationship. The only problem is that a lot of men suffer with erectile dysfunction which can make it almost impossible to satisfy their women in bed. This article lists some of the best ways to boost your sexual potency naturally.

Delayed Male Ejaculation and Penis Health

Many men think that delayed male ejaculation is not a real problem, but the facts prove differently. Delayed ejaculation can be a significant burden to a man.

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