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Penis Sensation Loss – Why It Happens and How to Bring Back the Feeling

Penis sensation less than it used to be? Bringing back the good feeling requires knowing more about what cause the loss of sensitivity.

Itchy Penis Causes and Treatments – Soothing Solutions for a Burning Problem

Have a tingle down there, but not in a good way? Learn the causes of an itchy penis here along with tips for eliminating the itch.

The Erect Penis Show – Making a Masturbation Video

Posting a video of one’s erect penis and showing off one’s techniques when handling it is increasingly popular. Taking a few simple steps can help make one’s erotic selfie more entertaining.

Itchy Penis – Could It Be Caused by Lichen Sclerosis?

Now that the internet is so much a part of people’s lives, men find it much easier to locate information on what may be causing a sore or itchy penis or other possible penis health issues. With this resource at his fingertips, a man can find a wealth of information on why his penis is dry or what steps he can take if he notices red spots adorning his member. However, there are some organ issues for which it may be more difficult to locate information: for example, lichen sclerosis.

Sore Penis Management – Four Alternative Erogenous Zones for Men on the Mend

The tip of the penis is typically the most sensitive part of a man’s body; everybody knows that. But what happens when that particular spot is sore and in need of a little extra penis care? Can men with hurting members still experience pleasure?

Easy Ways to Make Your Penis Rock Solid in Seconds

If you suffer with erectile dysfunction, it’s time to change your diet and lifestyle. This article lists some of the best ways to improve your sex life naturally and safely, without opting for prescription drugs.

Secret To Great Sex – No More Worries About Premature Ejaculation

Guys, hands up if you want to last longer in bed or during sex! Hands up again if you desire to last as long it takes to bring your partner to an amazing orgasm and have her craving for more sessions of lovemaking with you. The reality is while most men would be likely to raise their hands to these questions, not all will be able to achieve that kind of results in bed. In fact, I am guessing you are probably the 33% of men (according to studies) who face premature ejaculation problem. This article will share a secret on curing premature ejaculation.

Getting A Bigger Penis In 3 Months – Sounds Tempting But Is It Possible?

If you are interested in getting a bigger penis then you will be happy to hear that 3 months down the road it could be a reality. But is it really possible? Well there are certain things necessary for getting a bigger penis in 3 months. Check them out and see if you are game for larger size in only a few months!

Ways to Boost Semen Production by 500% Within Weeks

It is possible to increase semen production in men with some simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. This article lists some of the most easy ways to enhance semen volume in men.

Penis Problems FAQ – 8 of the Most Common Penile Concerns

Every man experiences penis problems from time to time, but the answers are not always easy to find. Eight of the most common questions men ask about penile concerns are addressed here.

Stretch Marks on the Penis – Why Not To Worry

Men who develop stretch marks on the penis skin are often concerned about their appearance and afraid that they are “ugly” or unappealing. The causes of stretch marks and why men shouldn’t worry about them are discussed here.

Ways To Last Longer In Bed Without Having To Think About Football Players

Do you think about football players when you have sex because you were told that “thinking about sports” was the best way to last longer in bed? There are definitely better ways to avoid premature ejaculation. You simply should not have to think about linebackers and tight ends during sex.

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