Men’s Sexual Health with Mike Hsieh, MD

Penis Health and Urinary Incontinence – Are They Connected?

Urinary incontinence is one of those topics that men are often reluctant to discuss, even with their doctors. Most men would like to pretend that the problem could never happen to them, or could never happen until they are old and infirm. But the truth is that even younger men can experience anything from an occasional dribble to ongoing leakage.

Does Penis Stretching Work For Larger Penis Size?

You may have heard about penis stretches for achieving larger penis size? Do they work? How do you perform penis stretches? Find out the answers in this article.

Sex Tip For Guys – Lasting Longer In The Sack

If there’s one sex tip for guys that should be mastered, it’s lasting longer in the sack. This is the most important sex tip you can learn for improving your game in the bedroom.

How to Make Your Penis Rock Hard in Seconds

If you suffer with erectile dysfunction, it is important to examine your diet and lifestyle. As a matter of fact, simple changes in your diet and lifestyle can boost your sexual potency and help you achieve rock solid erections. Natural erection gels can also help a great deal in helping you get harder erections without negative side effects.

Penis Anatomy Mix-And-Match – How Well Do Guys Know Their Equipment?

As well as most men know their own equipment, very few are aware of the anatomical details of the penis. Knowing the parts of the penis can help men understand how it functions and why proper care is important.

Male Enhancement Pills for Better Sexual Stamina

Men looking for natural male enhancement can consider the intake of male enhancement pills. Male pills stimulate the growth of the penile muscles. You will notice a change in your penis size after consuming these pills for some regular period.

Is My Penis Too Small? The “Size Quiz” That Every Man Ought to Take at Least Once (Even YOU!)

Is my penis too small? Am I anatomically challenged in a way that most men aren’t? What is SHE thinking during sex?

Ways to Enhance Testosterone Naturally

Testosterone is the hormone that men produce in their testes. It regulates a lot of vital body functions in men including libido and sexual function. A drop in testosterone occurs after 30 and this can lead to a lot of health problems and disorders. However, you can enhance your testosterone levels naturally with simple changes in your diet and lifestyle. Natural testosterone enhancing supplements can also be of great help.

Red Penis Selfies – 8 Things to Consider Before Sharing

A guy who boasts a healthy red penis may want to share his member via a well-chosen selfie or two. Before doing so, there are numerous things that he should take into consideration.

Dry Penis Prevention – The 4 Intimate Skincare Secrets Every Guy Should Know

Dry penis skin can quickly lead to soreness, a chapped appearance and even loss of sensitivity. Here’s what every guy needs to know to stop these problems before they start.

Do Penis Exercises Work? 5 Instant “BIG” Benefits You Won’t See on TV

Do penis enlargement exercises really work? If so… HOW so? Is Jelqing a better technique than kegel, or do they work the different parts of your anatomy completely?

How to Increase the Size of Your Penis With Massaging (Jelqing) Techniques

If you are interested in learning how to increase the size of your penis then you should definitely look into hand massaging techniques. This is generally referred to as “jelqing” and many men have gained added penis size through employing jelq exercises.

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