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How to Last Longer in Bed to Please Your Woman

One of the most common sexual problems in men happens to be premature ejaculation. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to help you last longer in bed.

Masturbation With Another Guy: Some Tips

Masturbation is arguably the most fun a guy can have all alone – but it doesn’t have to be done all alone. Broaching the subject with another male can be touchy, though.

You Have an Erection That Lasts for Hours: 3 Secrets to Super Stamina in the Sack

How can I make my erection last longer in bed? Why do I climax so quickly? Is there any way to stay harder, longer, without drugs or danger?

Dads-To-Be: Surprising Habits That Are Messing With Your Fertility

Not being able to conceive could be difficult for a couple, but knowing more about the matter could help you work out the problems. As an example, if one uses a laptop for too long, the heat could affect sperm quality. In the same way, while bicycling has its own advantages, prolonged bicycling could heat up the testicles and affect sperm quality.

Itchy Penis: When Scabies Attack

The occasional itchy penis is something guys tend to live with. But when scabies is the cause of that itch, steps need to be taken right away.

5 Fun Uses for an Erect Penis

Every guy knows of one extremely fun use for his erect penis, but why stop there? Variety is the spice of life, so find more uses to spice up the sensual side.

Penis Health and Piercing: What a Man Should Know

Those who have a penis piercing might wonder about their penis health. How should they go about maintaining their smooth, supple skin? Here are the answers.

Easy Remedies for Getting Rock Solid Erections

Living with ED is not easy for any man. However, it’s not a condition that cannot be treated. This articles lists some of the best and effective ways to help you get rock solid erections naturally.

A Dry, Itchy Penis Might Be Caused by Penile Eczema

Eczema anywhere on the body can be an annoying situation. But penile eczema can lead to an itchy penis, and that’s enough to drive a man a little crazy.

Could Erectile Dysfunction and Blood Type Be Linked?

There can be many factors that result in erectile dysfunction for a man. Now a new study suggests that one of those factors may be a man’s blood type.

Big Penis Size: Useful Sex Tips

Thanks to society’s obsession with penis size, men tend to think that having a huge penis is the end to any possible sex problems. But in fact, factors like good penis health and skillful use of the equipment tend to count far more than appendage size. Having a really big penis can actually be a drawback sometimes.

Increasing Male Libido and Testosterone Naturally

Just like women, a lot of men also face libido issues in their middle age. This article lists some of the best and most effective ways to boost libido in men naturally.

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