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Why Those Penis Size Surveys Don’t Matter

Many men’s websites include online surveys and polls about a guy’s favorite appendage, often with a focus on penis size. But there’s a reason why so many of these surveys are unreliable.

That Itchy Penis May Come From Time in the Hot Tub

Relaxing in a hot tub – or having a sizzling time with a partner in one – can be fun. But men should be aware that an itchy penis could result.

Erect Penis Control: Fighting the Masturbation Urge

When a man has an insistently erect penis, masturbation often follows. But sometimes a guy wants to masturbate less frequently, which may require some special strategies.

Red Penis: A Telltale Sign of Sunburn

Men who love to frolic bare in the sunlight might notice a red penis, skin peeling on the penis, and other sun-related problems. Here’s how to treat it.

Better Penis Health Through Sleeping Naked

Maintaining good penis health is an admirable goal all men should shoot for. One way to help enhance penis health is simply by sleeping naked regularly.

Your Diet May Impact Penis Sensitivity

Diet affects so many things, and that may even include penis sensitivity. Deficiencies in vitamin B12 and folate may help bring about loss of sensation in the penis.

The Best Advice for Longer Erections? 4 Questions About PE Exercises Answered in 4 Minutes

Is male enhancement exercise the best way to increase my erection size? Does jelqing work? How quickly will I see improvements to my size, staying power and sexual stamina?

Penis Enhancement & Enlargement Products Increasing Sex Drive And Getting Harder Erections Naturally

How effective are these male enhancing products? and, what should we expect as the desired outcome? Experts from the medical fraternity claim that some of the product’s ingredients serve a multi-purpose task in treating other body irregularities while solving the primary concern of sexual problems. Penis enhancement pills may cost more money. However, if your desire is to acquire the largest penis size, erection that will last much longer, strengthening your sexual stamina, an intensified orgasm, and an overall enhancement of your sexual prowess; then you should do your research and choose quality over price.

How One Little Pill Can Compromise Penis Health

The hot new party drug is Viagra, and that can be a very bad thing for some men. In some cases, penis problems will quickly become the least of a man’s concerns.

Red Penis and More: Strange Sex Problems

A red or irritated penis might result from aggressive sex, but it might also be a sign of a strange reaction. Here’s the lowdown on three very weird sex consequences.

Penis Weights Can Bring Penis Pain

Many men endure a bit of penis pain in search of greater penis size. Penis weights are one popular method which often results in some pain to the penis.

Could That Sore Penis Come From Drinking Wine?

There are worse things than a sore penis, but one can get in the way of enjoying sex. Some people think wine may cause some soreness. Are they correct?

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