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When Penis Skin Color Fades, It May Be Vitiligo

The appearance of the penis skin can be very important to a man, impacting how he feels about his manhood. When vitiligo causes patchy discoloration, it can cause psychological discomfort.

Evaluating Penis Health: Male Ejaculation Facts

A man should examine every aspect of penis health, including male ejaculation. Understanding what is normal can help ensure the best penis care.

Can Dry Penis Skin Mean an STI?

Dry penis skin is unattractive and can be a major annoyance. Its cause is typically rather benign, but in some cases it may indicate the presence of an STI.

Want a Longer, Stronger Erection? Learn Which Foods You REALLY Ought to Be Eating Today

Are you unhappy with the strength, and length of your erection? Do you have a little bit of size insecurity when it comes to sex? Have you spent days, weeks or even months searching for the best enlargement tools, tips and techniques without anything to show for it?

Sex Tips: Rules for Discussing Role Playing

Sex tips experts agree that role playing can be an excellent way of keeping the flame alive in a couple’s sex life. Rules for discussing this activity can help.

What a Man Might Not Know About Erections

It might seem like a man knows everything there is to know about his penis. But it turns out that sometimes, the penis and its erections really are a mystery.

How Big Is TOO Big? 2 Things You Need to Know About Penis Enlargement Exercises

Do penis enlargement exercises REALLY work? If so… HOW so? How long will it take to show real improvements? Why do some men get great gains really fast, while others get no noticeable improvements at all? Are enlargement supplements a good idea? If not… why not?

4 Techniques to Keep Masturbation Fun

For many men, basic up-and-down stroking is all they require for masturbation. But some men who get a bit bored with the routine may want to consider other masturbation techniques.

Food Choices That Can Fight Penis Odor

An uncomfortably strong penis odor can be a “date killer” and a source of significant embarrassment for a man. Sometimes food choices can have an impact on unwanted penis odor.

A Softer Erection and Loss of Penile Sensitivity – What Is Going on Here?

A loss of penile sensitivity can be a frightening thing, but losing hardness can be even worse. Here are a few eye-popping reasons why a man’s erection might be lagging these days.

Erect Penis Health: Some Savvy Tips

A robust sex life is a great pick-me-up for a guy, and an erect penis is essential for sexual function. Taking some basic health steps can help to ensure a man’s penis health.

Does Jelqing REALLY Work? 2 Beginner Tips for Maximum Results in Minimum Time

Does jelqing really work? If so… HOW so? Are all male enhancement exercises the same? Do some work better than others, and if so, why? Will a penis enlargement technique that works for one man, not work for another? What about diet, drugs and natural enhancement remedies? Are they supplemental strategies, or do they work by themselves? Any of these questions sound familiar?

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