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Understanding Penis Pain – 5 Non-STD Related Causes

The first signs of penis pain can send men into a panic over the possibility they have contracted an STD. However, numerous other issues can lead to a sore penis; understanding these can help men manage their penis health more effectively.

Sore Penis Prevention – Tips for Men Who Are Considering Genital Piercing

Many men are inclined to decorate their tools in various ways, including genital piercing. To help avoid a sore penis as a result of the piercing, there are a number of penis care steps that a man can consider. A personal choice Genital piercing is rather controversial; the decision to pierce is a personal one, and a man should make sure he understands all that is involved before moving forward.

How to Conquer Sexual Performance Anxiety

Erectile dysfunction is a very common complaint these days for men with erection issues. More than one in ten men cannot achieve and or sustain an erection. Most men will have a story of at least a time or two when anxiety problems worked their way into the bedroom.

Increase Penis Size With Exercises – 7 Tips To Grow An Inch

Can you really increase penis size with exercises? Check out these 7 must do tips to grow an extra inch!

Having Sex Longer By Counting Backwards – Does It Work For Premature Ejaculation Prevention?

Does simply counting backwards prevent premature ejaculation? Having sex longer is massively important. Learn if you can master long lasting sex by simple backwards counting!

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation – Causes and Treatment Options

Premature ejaculation is a type of sexual dysfunction wherein a man is not able to exercise control over his ejaculations, and they occur before either he or his partner is ready, and in some cases before penetration has even taken place – an issue which often leaves both partners sexually unsatisfied. Due to the embarrassing nature of the problem, few men like to talk about it. However, as Andrew Kramer, MD, an assistant professor of surgery at the university of Maryland Medical Center notes, “Premature ejaculation is exceedingly common, more common than we think”.

Over-Masturbation Explained – The Psychological and Physical Effects

In the past, men and boys were sternly discouraged from masturbation with dire warnings about hairy palms, blindness, impotence and infertility, to name just a few of the more commonly-cited dangers. Nowadays, it is generally accepted that masturbation is not only normal, but may have significant physiological and emotional benefits. On the other hand, the saying that there can be too much of a good thing is also true, and when it comes to over-masturbation, men can experience substantial problems in terms of psychological, physical and penile health.

Penis Pumps Can Damage Your Penis

Like any device that involves the use of your penis, care should be exercised when using the product and to properly heed the precautions if any the manufacturer gives. The trouble is not all manufacturers go to the trouble to duly notify you of any dangers involving their product, as some people have found out. A penis pump should be supplied with instructions regarding the proper use of the product, so be sure to carefully follow these in order to avoid any unavoidable damage to the penis.

Foods for Sexual Stamina Enhancement

It’s not only the quality and strength of your erections that matter in lovemaking. It is also important to last longer in bed, meaning being able to fight early ejaculation and achieve the pleasure you and your partner desire.

How to Get a Rock Solid Erection in Seconds – No Drugs, No Side Effects!

Erectile disorder can blow your confidence away. ED is a common problem among men and it can be treated even without drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get harder and stiffer erections naturally.

Causes of Penile Odor – Not Just Poor Hygiene

No one wants to be told they stink, especially not when it involves penile odor. Reading up on the common causes and how to eliminate them can help men to freshen up.

Penile Itching ABCs – From Allergies to Yeast Infection

Itching in the groin area occurs for many of the same reasons it occurs elsewhere on the body. Here are some of the top causes of penile itching and how to treat them.

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