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Overcoming Penis Numbness – A Reader Talks About His Experience

It’s hard to describe just how miserable life can be for a guy who has a numb penis. The most stoic of men who never complain about anything at all can become dramatic and even hysterical when they think about living the rest of their lives with a vital body part that doesn’t work as well as it should. The good news is that proper penis care can help to resolve numbness issues for many men.

Penis Health Creme – A Must-Have for Every Man’s Summertime Care Routine

Summertime heat and outdoor fun can wreak havoc on penis health. Here’s why a penis health crème should be part of every man’s summer hygiene regimen.

7 Things Guys Can Do To Get A Big Penis

Is there anything you can do to get a big penis? You bet. There’s 7 things guys can do to get a big penis. Check them out right here.

Ways to Get Rock Solid Erections and Stay Harder for Longer

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual disorder among men. However, it is not something that cannot be treated. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get harder erections and increase your staying power.

Is a Penis Health Creme a Man’s Best Friend When It Comes to Better Sex?

Improving the health of the penis is the key to frequent sex. A penis health creme can make it happen.

Erect Penis Myths and Facts – Weird Truths About the Male Organ

In spite of long acquaintance and frequent use, there are many things about their manhood that most men don’t know. Find out more about these weird erect penis myths and facts.

Does Penis Size Really Matter? The Real Truth Regarding The Size Issue

Here’s the realistic truth regarding the question, does penis size really matter? Learn both the “yes” and “no’s” regarding the answer to the size issue question.

How to Get a Harder Penis in Seconds

Most guy get instant and hard erections in their younger age. However, things change as men get older. This article lists some of the best ways to ensure rock solid erections in seconds without using prescription drugs.

Avoiding Thinning Penile Skin – Do’s and Don’ts for Cortisone Use

Cortisone creams may help to soothe itchy skin and calm rashes and irritation; however, they are also known for side effects such as sore, thinning penile skin. Here’s how men can avoid the common pitfalls of cortisone use.

The No Bullshit Bodybuilding Way Of Boosting Your Testosterone Levels Really Fast

You’ve been probably fed with bullshit statements and ideas on how to boost your testosterone levels really fast. You might have tried them too and guess what they don’t work, sure it might have given you a little kick in terms of an increase in your libido. However that is nothing compared to the no bullshit bodybuilding way of boosting your testosterone really fast which I am about to show you below.

Weird Penis Bumps and What They Mean – One Man’s Painful Experience

What happens when penis bumps appear? One man shares his story.

Are Penis Pumps A Good Substitute For Jelqing?

What should you do, jelqing or penis pumping? Find out if penis pumps are a good substitute for the jelqing exercise.

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