Kegel Exercises for Erectile Dysfunction – Physiotherapy Guide

Penis Pain and Tingling Due to Kidney Stones

Kidney stones have a well-deserved reputation for creating intense pain, including penis pain. Taking steps to treat kidney stones can help reduce the length of exposure to pain.

When Penis Sensation Is Far Too Intense

Many men worry about the prospect of losing penis sensation. But there are some men for whom penis sensitivity is so intense that it causes serious problems in the bedroom.

Hot Tips for a Healthy Penis in Winter

Maintaining a healthy penis during winter can be tough. The cold can lead to dryness, itching and even penis pain. Here are some great tips for keeping things well down there.

Vitamin C for a Healthy Penis

Clearly every man wants to have a healthy penis, if for no other reason than because it ensures more pleasure from sex. Adequate vitamin C is one of the factors which can influence penis health.

Dealing With Penis Pain – What Not to Do

A man who suffers from a rashy, red penis might also suffer from penis pain. Here are some things a man should never do in his pursuit for relief.

L-Carnitine For Penis Health

Maintaining (or even improving) penis health should be a priority for every man. Among the ingredients that can help in this area is L-carnitine, a valuable amino acid.

Itchy Penis? Try These Treatments

An itchy penis can be a major annoyance, and can really blow a man’s chill factor. Seeking out treatments to keep the scratching at bay is highly recommended.

Practical Solutions for the Itchy Penis Emergency

An itchy penis can sometimes get so bad it feels like an emergency. How can a man deal with the penis itch and not be embarrassed in front of everyone by doing so?

Boost a Hard Manhood With Vitamin B5

Men who want the most handsome hard manhood possible will look to vitamins to help them get there. Vitamin B5 is a worthy vitamin in that quest.

When Penis Odor Is Due to TMAU

Sweat and stress can contribute to unwanted and persistent penis odor – but so can a genetic condition known as TMAU. Fighting this stubborn penis odor can be challenging.

Man to Man: Talking to a Friend About Penis Health

When men talk about penis health, they rarely move beyond a compliment or two on a handsome penis. But sometimes it’s important to talk about penis health issues.

Penis Sensitivity and Foreskin Restoration

Men looking for more penis sensitivity might turn to foreskin restoration. But does it really work? And what can a man do to help the process along?

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