How to Increase Testosterone Naturally | Science Explained

Back Injuries and Penile Nerve Damage

Penile nerve damage can lead to serious problems for any man. One of the most common reasons for penile nerve damage is a serious back injury. Here’s what a man needs to know to recover penis sensitivity.

Masturbation Quiz: Separating Fact From Fiction

A quiz is an excellent way to learn some fun facts about a topic. Even guys who think they know everything there is to know about masturbation may learn something from this quiz.

Penis Pain During Ejaculation: What’s That About?

Sometimes men experience penis pain during or after ejaculation but don’t know why. Identifying the cause of the pain can help to determine what to do to treat it.

3 Embarrassing Male Sexual Problems & Their Solutions

Many men are not aware that they can get rid of sexual issues they are facing. Here are the most common sexual issues men face, and are shy to talk about.

Bubbly Urine May Reflect Penis Health – And Overall Health

Penis health should be at the top of every man’s to-do list. Knowing that the presence of bubbly urine can be an indicator of a penis health matter is important.

The Bent Penis and Sex Positions: The Best Fit

When the penis becomes erect, it may not be perfectly straight. Some curvature of the penis is normal, but in some cases what occurs is really a bent penis – a member in which the curvature is pretty severe. This may be due to a penis health issue – specifically the condition called Peyronie’s disease – or it may simply be the way the penis is formed.

5 Surprising Reasons For Erectile Dysfunction Suffered By Most Men

Various things are involved with a male sexual arousal such as the brain, hormone, nerves, muscles, blood vessels, and emotions. From a recent study, it has been known that more than 30 million American men are suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction.

How to Get Rock Solid and Hard Erections Without Prescription Drugs

ED is a common problem among men but it can be treated even without use of prescription drugs. Natural male enhancement pills and patches are a great way to boost sexual potency in men without side effects.

Connecting Red Penis Sores to Reactive Arthritis

A red penis, especially one with sores on it, is unattractive and can signal a bigger problem. Sometimes this appearance is due to a condition known as reactive arthritis.

How to Get Instant and Rock Solid Erections Naturally

Living with ED is not easy for men. However, it is possible to get over ED naturally and safely even without using prescription drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get rock solid erections naturally.

Why Jock Itch Might Lead to Lower Sex Drive

Guys with jock itch spend too much time scratching and fumbling. But sometimes an itchy penis can also negatively impact a dude’s sex drive – and that isn’t good.

Penis Worries: What Men Should Know About Wet Dreams

It’s great when a man doesn’t have any penis worries. But sometimes a simple, natural thing can lead to those worries. Wet dreams are one of those issues.

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