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Fighting Penis Odor for a Sexier, Manlier Scent

A woman is appreciative of sexy scents, but too often a man’s pants hide a penis odor that is anything but alluring. Combating unpleasant aromas is worth the effort.

Red Penis Pride – Tips for Maintaining Blood Flow for Better Function

Men tend to be very proud of sporting a firm, red penis, the healthy glow of which demonstrates that the organ is benefitting from a vigorous and manly blood flow. Maintaining good circulation in the genital area is an essential component of proper penis health; no man wants to let blood flow issues arise, as they can have an impact on penis function and sexual enjoyment. Penis blood flow: why it’s important Blood plays a significant role in the overall health of the total body, of course; when oxygen and nutrients enter the body, the blood circulatory…

Big Penis Preferred Sex Positions

A man with a big penis may have the envy of other men, but finding accommodating sex positions can sometimes be tricky. Taking the time to find the best position is worth the effort.

Avoid Penis Enlargement – 3 Natural Tricks You Can Do At Home To Get A Bigger Penis

At some point or another, most men consider penis enlargement options. What many guys don’t know is that there are natural tricks that you can do in order to get a bigger penis. You can employ these tricks at home too!

Ways to Grow Your Penis Naturally – No Painful Surgery or Devices

Penis enlargement has come a long way. Pumps and weights are no longer considered a viable option to increase penis length or girth. Some of the best ways to increase penis size include penis exercises and natural penis pills.

Five Penis Pimple Questions – And Their Answers

Lumps and bumps on the penis are best handled by a doctor. That’s a fact. But most guys want to know a little more about what’s going on downstairs before they walk into a doctor’s office.

Ways to Increase Libido, Testosterone and HGH Naturally

Low libido is a result of a drop in testosterone levels in men. Typically, men begin losing testosterone after the age of 30. HGH production also begins declining after adolescence. This article lists some of the best natural ways to enhance libido, testosterone and HGH in men safely and quickly.

Sore Penis? Here’s What Men Could Be Doing Wrong

Unfortunately, even for the most careful of men, there is no avoiding the occasional sore penis – whether it is caused by an infection, injury, or just a little too much self-love. On the other hand, with a little attention to penis care, and by avoiding some common mistakes that can result in penile injury, men can reduce their chances of ongoing pain and discomfort. Here are some of the most prevalent causes of sore penis issues: Mistake #1: Using the dreaded death grip.

How To Stay Hard During Sex – 5 Natural Tips Every Guy Should Know

Here are some natural tips for how to stay hard during sex that every guy should know. It’s a common problem, and there are definitely common solutions you can use in order to stay as hard as possible during sex.

Advanced Kegels For Men – How To Last Longer During Sex And Totally Avoid Coming Too Quick

Kegels are great, but there are ways to make them even better in order to last longer during sex and avoid coming to quickly. Here are some advanced kegel tips for men that you should definitely check out.

How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally – No Surgery or Devices

Increasing penis length and girth is possible even without something as extreme as surgery. One of the best ways to add size to your penis is with the help of natural penis pills that contain growth factors like Deer Antler Velvet.

Penis Injury and Healing – A True Story

Unless they work in the adult film industry, men often choose to keep quiet about what they do in the bedroom. It’s not really considered polite to open up with the details of what happened between the sheets, and honestly, no one really wants to know. However, there are some things that happen during intimate moments that lead to the need for urgent penis care.

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