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Can Frottage Lead to an Itchy Penis?

Many couples really enjoy frottage, the rubbing of the penis against another person’s genitals. Taking precautions to prevent an itchy penis can make it even more pleasurable.

7 Natural Foods That Will Help Boost Your Sexual Stamina

The article intends to guide those men who are keen to boost their sexual stamina through unnatural and harmful ways. It suggests quite harmless and easy natural ways to increase sexual stamina. The sole object behind writing the article is nothing except to save precious human lives and to make couples’ conjugal lives happier.

Does Penis Pump Use Create a Raw Penis?

The penis pump is often used for both medicinal and recreational purposes. However, improper use can result in a sore and raw penis. Here’s how a man can avoid that problem.

For Better Sex, Change the Setting

There are many factors that can influence the quality of a man’s sex. Men looking for better sex may want to consider changing the setting for their encounters.

Penis Rash and Personal Care Products: What to Look Out For

When a man has a penis rash, he wants to rid himself of it as soon as possible. If personal care products are responsible for the rash, a change may be in order.

Oral Sex for the Self: Tips for Trying Autofellatio

It’s the rare man who doesn’t enjoy being on the receiving end of some mind-blowing oral sex – and if guys are honest, it’s the rare man who hasn’t at least half-heartedly tried to perform oral sex on himself. Officially called autofellatio, self-administered oral sex certainly requires that a man practice good penis health – after all, unlike partners performing oral sex, with autofellatio the fellator knows exactly where that penis has been! But to successfully perform autofellatio, most men need to take proper preparation steps.

Hands-Off Masturbation: Exploring Other Pleasure Points

When a boy discovers masturbation, he’s found a surefire source of fun for life. But after a few years, he may grow a little tired of the same old strokes and seek ways to switch things up. Often this involves new positions or sex toys, but another alternative is to explore pleasure points other than the penis.

A Red Penis Sometimes Means Red Scrotum Syndrome

When a man has a red penis, he needs to know the reason for it in order to correct the issue. In some cases, a condition known as red scrotum syndrome may be responsible.

Sex Tips for These Autumn Months

Ah, autumn – a time when the air is crisp and leaves turn a cavalcade of colors, and men wonder what specific sex tips they can use on their partners to boost their intimacy to even higher levels. Assuming that consistent penis care has resulted in a penis that is up and game for some new activities, the following autumn-focused sex tips can enliven the fall for just about any man. And since autumn is a time when sex drives are generally at their peak, these sex tips should prove especially timely.

Penis Skin Care Is Not the Only Way to Boost Fertility

Want to preserve and enhance fertility? Penis skin care is just one part of the many things a man can do to help ensure his little swimmers are as healthy and viable as possible.

Penis Problems 101: An Informative Primer

Penis problems are quite common, but fortunately, very few of them are serious. Understanding the reasons behind those penis problems can help alleviate the worry and hasten the healing.

Dry Penis Skin Might Result From Ichthyosis

Too many men know the embarrassment associated with dry penis skin. There can be many causes, but few men know of the skin condition known as ichthyosis, which can present on the penis.

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