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Masturbation, Penis Chafing, and a Few Interesting Facts

Some men are so serious about masturbation that they worry about penis chafing. And some men lie about how much they masturbate. Here are some other interesting facts on a man’s favorite personal pastime.

Could Penis Odor Indicate Ketonuria?

Men prepping themselves for a hot date like to make that they are in as sexy and appealing a condition as possible – and penis odor is one of the last things they want. It’s a situation that causes many men embarrassment and frustration. But the good news is that it can lead a man to look into possible issues, either with penis health itself or with overall general health.

Tips for Better Sex Through Olfactory Enhancements

Men in search of tips for better sex are willing to go to all sorts of outrageous lengths for one simple reason: Better sex is just that good! But it’s entirely possible that many men are overlooking the option right under their noses – quite literally. Yes, considering the addition of olfactory enhancements to the sexual experience (especially combined with attention to excellent good penis care) can often lead to even better sex.

Is It a Small Penis or a Skewed Perspective?

With the disproportionate emphasis placed on penis size, most men do not want to be known for having a small penis. Yet often smallness is a matter of skewed perspective.

Homemade Male Sex Toys Can Enhance Penis Health

When you’re a man, there are times when your mind is so focused on sex that everything brings erotic play to mind. When in such a state of mind, it may seem that even the most mundane items in the home are potential sex toys. Surprisingly, that perception is not so far from wrong.

Fighting an Itchy Penis in the Winter

An itchy penis can strike a man at any time of the year. But the harsh weather realities make winter an especially opportune time for that dreaded need to scratch.

Penis Enlargement Treatment – Is It Possible To Get A Bigger Size Naturally?

It is evident that sexual pleasure helps in maintaining health standards. One of the published researches has claimed that during the sexual intercourse, the release of the hormones takes place, which provides pleasure to both the partners.

Penis Irritation? Try Tantric Sex Instead

Though penis irritation might be one of the biggest problems from a marathon sex session, that’s not the case with tantric sex. Here’s what curious men need to know about this awesome brand of coupling.

Erectile Dysfunction Can Be a Result of Hemochromatosis

Hemochromatosis creates a situation in which a man’s body retains far too much iron. Surprisingly, this situation can be a factor in erectile dysfunction for some men with this disorder.

Does No Masturbation Really Increase Penis Sensitivity?

What’s the deal with the big ‘no masturbation’ movement? Some say it leads to frustration, while others tout an increase in penis sensitivity. Here’s what the curious man should know.

Ouch! When Penis Pain Is Related to a Bladder Stone

No man enjoys penis pain. It’s important to know what factors may be causing this situation. One of the overlooked causes is a bladder stone, which may come with other symptoms.

Penis Health Secret: Vitamin D May Help Libido

So many penis health tips focus on areas related to the mechanics of male performance in bed, but the issue of decreased libido should also be considered. One tip: increase vitamin D levels.

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