Erectile Dysfunction | The Symptoms, Signs & Causes

Sex Tips for Attending a Sex Party

Even some seasoned participants to a sex party might benefit from some basic sex tips. Knowing what to do can make the experience even better.

Avoid a Sore Male Organ With These Alternative Lubricants

Most men really want to take steps to avoid having a sore male organ, which can get in the way of having sensual activity. Using appropriate lubricants can be very helpful.

Penis Bumps From Lipoma

Penis bumps are often a blemish on an otherwise handsome-looking penis. In some cases, a lipoma may cause a bump or lump, and a man may wish to have the lipoma taken care of.

Talk Dirty to Me: Masturbation and Audio Porn

Most men engage in masturbation on a regular basis, and frequently their sessions involve a visual aid component. Many might like to try substituting audio porn occasionally.

Kidney Disease Can Cause an Itchy Penis

No man wants to deal with the challenges associated with chronic kidney disease, of which an itchy penis is a relatively minor one. But that itchiness can be an annoyance.

Lack of Vitamin A Can Mean Dry Penis Skin

When a man unveils his equipment, he doesn’t want the impression marred by the presence of unsightly dry penis skin. Sometimes a lack of vitamin A may be a factor in this condition.

Fighting Erectile Dysfunction: Healthy Teeth Equal a Healthy Penis

The link between erectile dysfunction and gum disease is nothing to smile about. Let’s talk about how pearly whites lead to a healthy penis.

Penis Pain: Does It Mean Testicular Cancer?

When a man has penis pain with no apparent cause, his mind usually goes to the worst-case scenario. Knowing how to check for testicular cancer can calm his fears.

Creating the Handsome Penis Every Man Deserves

Having a handsome penis matters to most men. Here’s how to ensure good penis care, from the inside out, to create that handsome penis a guy really wants.

Penis Skin 101: Understanding Eczema

When a man has an itchy, red penis, eczema might be to blame. Learn more about this common condition and how to treat it.

Penis Function and Alcohol: Not a Good Combination

As most men know, alcohol can directly impede good penis function. Here’s what a guy needs to know before he imbibes.

What Is Wearable Male Enhancement Products and Can It Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Could erectile dysfunction be “cured” by a device that is compared to “wearable Viagra?” Let’s see if it works and if it’s worth its hefty price tag.

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