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Premature Ejaculation: A Growing Sexual Problem Among Men

Nowadays, men of almost all age are more or less suffering from various sexual problems because of the changing environment, psychological stress, and also physiological limitations. But according to today’s sexologists, it is not entirely on the physiology when it comes to a man’s erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. As already mentioned, work-related stress, personal dissatisfaction that often turn into depression and imbalanced lifestyle etc are responsible for the growing sexual problems in men.

The Injured and Sore Penis: How to Treat It

A man with an injured penis might be very frightened. Here’s how to treat an injured penis, and later, to deal with the sore penis that might result from the misadventure.

Erectile Dysfunction Problems and Their Solution

Erectile dysfunction is the smallest obstacle, on which can stand many other men’s illnesses. Each representative of the stronger sex, things the topic of his sex life quite secret, but sometimes it requires a clear conversation with your precious partner or sexologist doctor. In fact, the openness of people often assists to build relations and maintain harmony in their family. Therefore regular discussion or consultation with a sexologist doctor can help anticipate problems with strength and stay healthy.

Penis Health Diet: Optimal Food Choices

A healthy man wants to have a healthy penis as well. Food choices can play a role in determining penis health, just as they play a role in overall health.

5 Best Foods to Boost Male Fertility

To increase your sperm health, there are certain foods that you can choose from. Make sure to add them in your diet to see positive results sooner.

Some Penis Problems Are Quite Unusual

For most men, dealing with a rash or itchy penis is the extent of their penis problems. But for some, penis problems can take a fast turn into the very unusual.

Penis Health Sex Tips for Busy Lovers

Busy lovers have so much to do that they often don’t have enough time for each other. Following some basic sex tips can help to put more sex back into busy lives and maintain penis health.

Baldness Drug May Be Linked to Erectile Dysfunction

Both baldness and erectile dysfunction are things many men must face. A new study suggests a link may exist between one baldness treatment and improper sexual function.

Ways to Boost Your Semen Volume Naturally

A lot of men are concerned about the semen volume they ejaculate. This article lists some of the best ways to boost your semen production naturally and safely.

Oral Sex Games for the Best Penis Health

Couples know that oral sex is an excellent way to expand their sex lives, but sometimes they may need a little help. Using oral sex games to get started is an excellent idea.

How to Get Rock Solid and Longer Lasting Erections Naturally

Living with ED is not easy for men. However, ED can be treated even without using harsh prescription drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to boost sexual potency in men.

Staying Cool to Beat Penis Odor

Penis odor is an embarrassing problem at any time, but it can be even more prevalent when the weather is hot. Staying cool all over can reduce unwanted aromas.

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