Erectile Dysfunction – Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options

Itchy Member From Self-Pleasuring

Into every man’s life an itchy member must occasionally fall – but taking steps to prevent it can be helpful. That means being careful and conscious about self-pleasuring habits.

Avoiding a Sore Penis From Electrostimulation

No man likes a sore penis, but that doesn’t always stop him from pursuing sexual activities which may lead to pain – or even significant risk. Electrostimulation is one such activity.

Penis Sensitivity & Diet: They Go Together

Proper penis sensitivity is crucial for optimal enjoyment of sexual activity, bother partnered and solo. To some extent, diet can have an impact on penis sensitivity.

Erectile Dysfunction and the Porn Connection

When it comes to penis problems, none frighten a man more than erectile dysfunction. Sometimes, those who have trouble getting it up might want to take a look at their porn habits.

Men’s Issues – Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that effects 50% of men over 40 yet it is not spoken about as often as it could be and because of this many men are not aware that there are many natural ways to assist them. This brief article is about the causes and a few natural solutions.

That Strange Penis Pain: The Lowdown on Blue Balls

When a man has blue balls, it might feel like the penis pain will never cease. So it’s important to know what blue balls is – and what it isn’t.

Penis Rash From Angiokeratomas

Unveiling the manhood to a partner is a big moment that shouldn’t be ruined by the presence of an unsightly penis rash. Angiokeratomas can make an especially off-putting impression.

Dangerous Masturbation: When Pleasure Goes Too Far

Masturbation can bring a lot of pleasure, but when penis pain starts to creep in, it’s time to stop. Some dangerous masturbation techniques might cause serious issues.

Common Sense Tips to Avoid Penis Pain

A man will do almost anything to avoid penis pain, so it’s good to have all the information possible to protect the penis. Here’s how to avoid common penis problems.

Penis Injury During Sex? How to Avoid Penis Problems

A man wants to have a great time in the bedroom without the risk of penis injury. However, there are some things he should look out for in order to avoid penis problems.

Nasty Penis Odor: Some Common Causes

Guys who suffer from a nasty penis odor know how embarrassing it can be. There can be numerous causes of penis odor, which need to be identified and fought.

Is a Sauna Good or Bad for Penis Function?

After a long, exhausting workout at the gym, it feels great to spend time relaxing in a nice, hot sauna. But does all that heat affect penis function?

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