Erectile dysfunction as a comorbidity

Masturbation Hacks: “Me Time” While Visiting Family

Masturbation is a regular activity for many men, and one they don’t necessarily want to suspend when visiting family. The following tips can help make the situation better.

Penis Health Red Flag: Penile Discharge

Penile discharge is usually not good news for penis health. Here’s what a man needs to know when he encounters this frightening situation.

Eradicating Penis Problems: Get Rid of Pubic Lice

Pubic lice are definitely one of those penis problems a man wants to clear up fast. Here’s what he can do to make sure it’s over as soon as possible.

Easy Tips for a More Handsome Penis

When a man is going for a handsome penis, he might actually go overboard and wind up with an itchy penis instead. Here’s how to get the beauty but avoid the itch.

Exploring Penis Problems: What’s a Semen Allergy?

In the world of penis problems, there are some decidedly strange things. One of these is the very rare but quite troublesome semen allergy.

Fighting Penis Odor by “Draining the Swamp”

Olfactory stimuli – that’s “odors” and “smells” in regular guy language – are an important part of attracting another person (and in maintaining their interest once attracted). All people, whether they are aware of it or not, have sensitivities, both good and bad, to specific scents. That’s one reason why a strong, pungent penis odor can be a turn-off to others.

Maintaining Penis Health With the HPV Vaccine

Men might think the HPV vaccine is just for women, but that’s not true. Here’s what a man needs to know about HPV and his penis health.

Bent Penis: Due to Blood Pressure or Medication?

Men with a severely bent penis may experience challenges with sexual congress, as well as some penis pain, too. In some cases, there may be a high blood pressure connection to explore.

Semen Analysis: The Cornerstone of Testing Male Infertility

Semen analysis is the test which shows fertility doctors what the issue may be. It is such an important part of fertility because the analysis can indicate whether the male is fertile or infertile and why. Once infertility is determined and the reason for it, an appropriate course of fertility treatment can be administered.

Penis Pain and Urination: What Could It Be?

Penis pain during urination is a terrible feeling, as it makes a man quite hesitant to answer the call of nature. Here’s why penis pain might result when a man urinates.

Itchy Penis: What Are Scabies Anyway?

It seems like an itchy penis rears its head at the most unwanted and public times, so keeping it at bay is necessary. When scabies are the cause, doctor involvement becomes a necessity as well.

Fun and Penis Games: Bring on the Body Paint

There are many penis games – like body paint – that can spice up a man’s sex life. But beware of the itchy penis that can occur if the penis games go too far.

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