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Women’s Preferred Penis Size: It’s Complicated

If she says there isn’t one, she’s fibbing. Women’s preferred penis size may surprise you; in fact, it’s more about an individual woman’s ideal penis than a national average.

Five Common Questions About Penis Health Creme Answered

Is penis health creme something a man should invest in? If so, what kind? This article answers those questions and few more critical questions about penis creme.

Sore Penis After Sex? Here’s Why and How to Fix It

Like John “Cougar” Mellencamp sang, “It hurts so good.” Sometimes sexual activity can yield a very sore member. Let’s talk about why that happens and how to fix it.

Five Dangerous Causes of Blisters on the Penis and How to Treat Them

Blisters are no fun on a foot. They are especially no Bueno on a penis! Blisters on the penis can be no big deal in some cases, but in others, they can be deadly. Keep reading to learn about the dark side of penis blisters.

Masturbation: Your Number-One Stress Management Technique

Given half a chance, it’s likely that many men reading this article could easily list half a dozen or more things in their life that tend to cause them stress – money issues, relationship problems, sexual worries, in-law conflicts, workplace drama, sibling rivalries, political anxieties, etc. And those are just some of the big general topics, any one of which could have many much more specific sub-topics. Stress is far too big a part of many men’s lives, and it can have a negative impact on their general health, as well as on their penis health, too.

Penis Odor: The Underwear Connection

There are many factors which can contribute to a persistent and unappealing penis odor situation in a man. Choice of underwear is one that can have an impact.

Penis Bumps May Be From Manscaping

Manscaping can really clean up a guy’s appearance down below, but in some cases penis bumps may result. These are often due to ingrown hairs in the area.

Penis Rash Caused by Tinea Versicolor

A man wants to present a handsome penis to his admiring public, but one that is covered in a penis rash makes that difficult. If tinea versicolor is the cause, he can get proper treatment.

Penis Facts and Fiction

Just because a person owns an impressive car doesn’t mean he knows everything about the intricate workings of its engine or the truth about how many miles per gallon it really gets. For the same reason, a man may have a penis but that doesn’t mean he’s up to speed on all penis facts – especially when those facts deal with penis health. Yet separating penis facts from fiction is important in truly understanding one’s penis and knowing how to treat it.

Five Causes of Sore Penis Pain and How to Cope

Nothing hurts a man quite like penile pain. Let’s look at some of the most common causes of sore penis pain and how to remedy it.

How to Get Rid of Penis Odor: 8 Ways That Work

Nobody likes a stinky penis! Let’s talk about common cause of this social faux pas and how to get rid of penis odor.

How to Deal With Stretch Marks on the Penis: Causes and Treatment Measures

Are stretch marks on a penis a thing? Believe it or not, they are. Read on to find out just how common they are, what causes them, and how to treat and prevent them.

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