Dr. David Samadi – Erectile Dysfunction (ED) Pills – Identify Fake vs. Real Medication


Eczema on the Penis: Triggers and How to Avoid Them

Dryness and itching on penis skin can make for a very uncomfortable day. Clothes are irritating, scratching isn’t an option and there are flakes of skin in unwanted places. While there are many causes of dry skin, these symptoms may point to eczema on the penis.

Five Ways Vitamin D Helps the Penis

Who ever thought that not enough sunlight could seriously affect a man’s amorous intentions in the evening? Read up about how vitamin D and the penis work well together.

Penis Function and Medications That Increase Prolactin

Many things can have some sort of effect on penis function. Prolactin, a naturally occurring hormone, is one of them, especially if there is too much of it.

Why Men Masturbate: The Top 7 Reasons

When pondering why men masturbate, the natural answer is, “Why not?” Here are seven of the most commonly echoed reasons why guys can’t help but choke their chicken.

Why Men Get Erections During Sleep: Morning Wood Gets Demystified

It really is a good morning. Sometimes when men wake up, they find somebody (their lil’ buddy) already waiting for them.

Is Circumcision Necessary? Reasons for and Against the Ancient Practice

Today it’s time to answer the oft-asked question, “Is circumcision necessary?” Let’s talk about the big cut and why a man may choose to do it.

Yow! Itchy Penis From Neurodermatitis

It’s not as if any man actually likes having an itchy penis. There are many causes, and neurodermatitis is one of the more annoying ones when it occurs on the penis.

Iron Overload Can Impact Penis Function

Proper penis function is very important to a man (and to his partners as well). Sometimes it can be affected if there is a dangerous overload of iron in the body.

Penis Tip Irritation: The Causes

Penis tip irritation can be itchy, painful and alarming. While it may be caused by a minor issue like sweat or dryness, it can also be a symptom of something worse, like an infection.

What John Gray Says About Testosterone

Relationship expert and author (Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus), John Gray makes some revelations about men’s testosterone. Learn what behaviours decrease and increase testosterone.

Dryness Around the Penis: What It Means and How to Fix It

An annoying side effect of having penis is having to worry about the dryness around the penis or the genital area in general. As dry, flaky and peeling skin can be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant, it’s important to determine the cause of the dryness and work to treat it. Usually it’s environmental, but it can be an indication of something more serious, like an infection.

Average Penis Size Doesn’t Equal Average Sex

As has been stated numerous times, penis size is not what determines sex quality. A man of average size can be exceptional if he works on the skills that matter.

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