Doctor Explains: Do Male enhancement pills WORK?! | Erectile Dysfunction

Does Pornography Damage the Erect Penis?

With the abundance of pornography available online, some men worry over claims that viewing pornography can bring about erect penis problems. A new study looks at this issue.

What to Look for in a Penis Health Cream

There’s a lot of talk about penis health creams today, and the market is overrun with them. In that spirit, let’s talk about the ten things men should look for in a penis health cream to make sure they have a happy, healthy penis.

Proper Care for Penis Skin

Maintaining handsome penis skin makes a man’s penis much more attractive to partners and potential partners. Proper penis skin care requires paying attention to basics.

Irritated Penis Skin

Men like to think they’re pretty tough, but they can actually be quite sensitive when it comes to irritated penis skin. Let’s look at penis irritation: what causes it, how to treat it, and how to prevent it in the first place.

Fishy-Smelling Penis

Nothing ruins the romance like a fishy-smelling penis. After a partner cuts bait and heads for the door, get to the bottom of that foul, smelly penis with this article.

Sometimes Penis Bumps Signify Herpes

No one wants to come down with a sexually transmitted disease, but many people acquire genital herpes every year. Penis bumps are sometimes a sign of this infection.

Penis Rash Can Come From Sex Toys

No matter how well formed and expertly sculpted it may be, a penis rash can mar a handsome member. Sometimes sex toys might bring about a penis rash.

Delayed Ejaculation: Handling This Penis Function Issue

There can be many problems associated with penis function, one of which is delayed ejaculation. As the name implies, it means a man does not ejaculate when he wishes to.

Strengthening the Erect Penis Throughout the Day

A good healthy erect penis is a source of pride and pleasure for a man. Maintaining penis health throughout the day can help make such erections more viable.

The Older Man Looking for a Sexy New Love – Why He’s Not Finding Her

Many older widowers are looking for a younger, sexy woman — unlike the wife they recently lost. But he can’t find her. Why not? What is it about him that makes it difficult, and can it be changed or improved?

His Strength Emerges in Being Safely Vulnerable

Either a bear hug or a firm handshake: two common responses I get from men after a deep chat. Both are perfectly fine by me. Both communicate sincerity of spirit, man-to-man, an appreciation that we are equals before God, and that we bear a common love for one another.

Smart Hydration Saves Dry Penis Skin

When a man has dry penis skin, his member does not have the impressive look and shine that can be alluring to a partner. Better hydration is required to alleviate this problem.

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