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Penis Pain: Taking Care of Prostatitis

A man can experience penis pain for a number of reasons. One cause is prostatitis, which for many men is especially noticeable during urination and requires prompt treatment for relief.

Dry Penis Skin: Causes and Solutions

Nobody likes dry skin, and especially not dry penis skin. Here are the common causes of this issue.

Penis Pain: Is It Pudendal Nerve Entrapment?

Into every man’s lap a little penis pain must occasionally fall. But when it is pudendal nerve entrapment, that pain may be substantial and of significant duration.

Penis Rash Home Remedies

A stubborn and persistent penis rash can be a pain and annoyance to any man. Knowing what remedies to try can make the rash go away more quickly.

Erectile Dysfunction Is Not the Only Cause of Performance Problems

Erectile dysfunction is not always the cause of performance issues. The following common culprits are often to blame.

Penis Odor: Date Night Disaster

Going on a date, especially a first date, means that a guy wants to be prepared to make the best possible impression. That’s why reducing the possibility of unwanted penis odor is so crucial for a man. When a guy has neglected proper penis care in this area, it can have disastrous consequences – sometimes even before the trousers come off.

Itchy Penis Relief: Probiotics for Jock Itch?

An itchy penis is an unfortunately common occurrence, but it’s made much worse when jock itch is the culprit. Some suggest that probiotics may help in treating this common male issue.

Penis Pain and Adult Phimosis

Some uncircumcised men may experience a run-in with phimosis, which can be painful and disruptive. Proper treatment is required in this situation for relief.

Sex Tips: Exhibitionist Role Playing

Sex tips for an exhibitionist include not getting caught at his favorite game. With that in mind, role playing exhibitionist scenarios in the privacy of one’s own home is recommended.

Health Benefits Associated With Sex & How To Improve Your Sexual Performance

The sex is an important part of everyone’s life. In order to get complete happiness and joy, the satisfaction in the sex is the primary requirement. There are several advantages associated with this.

Penis Conditions: The Bizarre and Thankfully Rare

As with health conditions affecting any part of the body, penis conditions range from typical to bizarre, common to rare. Here, men can learn about some of the more rare and cringe-worthy out there.

Penis Odor: Does a Man Cave Encourage It?

A guy’s man cave has become his castle, and it’s well worth defending. But does hanging out in the cave tend to increase penis odor issues for some men?

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