Bupa | Erectile Dysfunction – Is It Normal?

Penis Function Challenge: Treating Anejaculation

There are many penis function issues that may occur, one of the least known is anejaculation. In this condition, a man cannot release semen from his body.

Ladies, Up Your Oral Sex Game

Men really love oral sex, and they especially like ladies who can provide this. Sometimes a woman might want to mix things up a little to make the sex even better.

Coronavirus and Sexual Health

With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, are there any reasons to be concerned about sexual health? Yes, sexually active people should be aware of possible risks.

Mononucleosis May Cause Penis Rash

Mononucleosis is an infection caused by a virus which causes the victims to be extremely tired and fatigued. In some instances, males may also develop a penis rash.

Rubbed Another Way: Alternative Masturbation Techniques

Almost every man engages in masturbation on some regular basis, but frequently they perform this activity in the same old way. Trying new techniques might be rewarding for many.

STI Testing Helps Maintain Sexual Health

If a guy wishes to maintain his sexual health properly, he needs to get an STI test – possibly on a regular basis. Sexually active men should share any STI information with partners.

Does Ejaculation Distance Prove a Healthy Penis?

When a man has a healthy penis, he wants to make sure everything about it is up to par. That includes ejaculation.

Penis Ponderings: How Many Times Can a Man Ejaculate in 24 Hours?

It’s the subject of locker room talk all around the world: How many times can a man ejaculation in 24 hours. Let’s explore the answer.

Penis Skin and Cortisone: A Tricky Combination

When a man has an itchy penis, he might reach for cortisone cream. But is this really a good idea? What does the cream do to penis skin?

Watery Semen Could Indicate a Penis Health Issue

Men don’t always include semen issues in their list of penis health concerns, but it belongs there. Some men wonder if having watery semen is a cause for concern.

Can Masturbation Cause Acne?

There are a lot of old wives’ tales surrounding masturbation, but can it really cause acne? Read on to find out!

Here Are 5 Things to Watch Out for When It Comes to Uncircumcised Penis Health

Listen up guys with uncircumcised penises! There are a few things you need to know when it comes to uncircumcised penis health.

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