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Is Penis Health Affected by Diabetes?

Diabetes is a serious health concern for many people around the world. Men with this issue may find it can have a significant impact on their penis health as well.

The Wrinkled Penis: Smoothing Out the Penis Skin

A wrinkled penis is not going to make the kind of first impression that most men desire when disrobing for a partner. Keeping the penis skin supple and moisturized can help.

How to Get Rock Solid Erections Without Using Harmful Drugs

Living with ED is not easy for any man. However, it’s possible to beat ED even without opting for prescription drugs. This article lists some of the best ways to help you get rock solid and hard erections without using drugs.

Is It Possible To Get Cure Of Impotency Using Herbal Drugs

Male impotency is certainly a disease. In order to taste the fruit of fatherhood, a healthy reproductive system is essential. If the man is incapable of producing children, then he is termed as impotent. The literal meaning of this word is incapable of producing issue.

How To Remove Gynecomastia Naturally Using Flaxseed

“But flaxseed contains estrogen and if you want to remove man boobs, estrogen is the enemy!” I’m certain that you have heard that flaxseed is one of the best ways on how to remove gynecomastia naturally but you may be conflicted about using it because flaxseed contains estrogen albeit a plant source but it is still estrogen. So how can it be a way to treat gynecomastia naturally? We shall delve into this further below.

Penis Health and Retrograde Ejaculation

For many men, the release of semen is a source of great pleasure and a sign of robust penis health. Some men also take pride in the amount of fluid which they are able to spurt forth during an orgasm. Yet some men – those who suffer from retrograde ejaculation – are not able to produce an abundance of semen and may feel worried about this situation.

Condoms and Erectile Problems: A Not-So-Solid Link

Most men aren’t particularly enthusiastic about condoms, but for some men, using them is associated with erectile problems. For some, condoms aren’t actually the problem, per se.

Low Testosterone – 3 Most Common Causes of Low T Other Than Aging

Low testosterone, hypogonadism or “low T” is a very common health condition faced by men in their late 30s, 40s and later. Read the 3 most common causes of low T.

Safe Sex: Condom Problems and How to Prevent Them

The incidence of condom use error is disturbingly high. In the interest of safe sex, men should be aware of the following condom problems and how to prevent them.

Penis Injury: 6 Causes to Avoid

No man wants to incur a penis injury. Protect penile health and sexual function by avoiding these six causes of injury to the manhood.

Penis Odor Emergency: Stemming the Stench

When the presentation of one’s member is accompanied by an overpowering stench, the road to sex becomes suddenly bumpy. Fighting penis odor is essential for any man with an unpleasant scent.

Itchy Penis: Is It Lichen Sclerosus?

For many men, an itchy penis is an occasional bother. A man with lichen sclerosus on the penis, however, may experience long-term itching plus discomfort and scarring.

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